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All-terrain (ON/OFF) traction

DUELER tyres deliver a quiet ride and versatile all-season performance on both wet and dry surfaces

DUELER combines the high-level traction and toughness that is required for full-fledged 4WD vehicles. At the same time, it provides superior driving performance, comfort, and reliability to a wide variety of vehicles including pickups. SUVs (sport-utility vehicles). CUVs (cross-utility vehicles), and premium SUVs / CUVs.

The essence of Bridgestone’s tyre design technology which receives worldwide recognition has been channeled into DUELER tyre brand. It provides even greater driving pleasure for various high-performance 4WD vehicles.

Even in the rain, reliable water evacuating sipes and grooves efficiently channel water away from under the tyre, ensuring solid grip and improved safety.

Optimized tread blocks minimize road noise and vibrations from various road and weather conditions for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Innovative tread pattern design delivers among the highest performance and response possible, providing a confident ride on many tyres of terrain.