Corporate Philosophy

The Bridgestone Essence
(Corporate Philosophy)

The Bridgestone Group's mission is based on the words of its founder: "Serving Society with Superior Quality." To fulfil this mission, Bridgestone Group has used the concept of "foundation" to demonstrate the sustained commitment of employees to provide its customers with world class products and services. "The Bridgestone Essence" is composed the integrated corporate culture, diversity and a shared sense of values that can be embraced by Bridgestone employees around the world.



“Serving Society with Superior Quality”

We aspire to offer the best for our customers and to society, not only in terms of our products, services and technology, but in all of our corporate activities. Our commitment to quality stems a passion for improving the safety and lives of people everywhere. Through our Mission, we strive to be a company trusted by the world - a company in which all of us can take great pride.




“Seijitsu-Kyocho” [Integrity and Teamwork]

Seijitsu-Kyocho is about adhering to principles of good faith in the way you treat others, and as you participate in and engage with society. It is about producing positive outcomes by respecting a diversity of skills, values, experiences, genders, and races and fostering teamwork.


“Shinshu-Dokuso” [Creative Pioneering]

Shinshu-Dokuso is about envisioning the future and proactively challenging ourselves to identify and develop innovative practices that will further benefit society and respond to customer needs. It is about unleashing creativity and innovation to develop new business domains and creating demand for new and beneficial products through our own unique methods.


“Genbutsu-Genba” [Decision-Making Based on Verified, On-Site Observations]

Genbutsu-Genba is about taking the time to go on-site and personally verify the facts and using those observations to make informed decisions. It is about constant dynamism helping to make informed decisions that will lead us ever closer to ideal products and solutions.


“Jukuryo-Danko” [Decisive Action after Thorough Planning]

Jukuryo-Danko is about hearing all options and the full range of possibilities, giving careful thought as to how to execute a course of action. It is about identifying what is necessary, deciding on a vision and moving forward with a sense of urgency.

Quality Mission Statement

The purpose of the Quality Mission Statement is to empower our future direction based on the spirit of our founder, Shojiro Ishibashi, by bringing Bridgestone’s DNA and the proud heritage of quality and continual improvement to new generations of Bridgestone employees.

Environmental Mission Statement

As a global leader, seeking to build a truly global company, Bridgestone’s business presence spans multiple countries, with hundreds of production, development and corporate locations, employing thousands of teammates worldwide.

Safety Mission Statement

The Bridgestone Group refined the Bridgestone Safety Mission Statement in 2012, changing the wording to “Safety First, Always” and “At Bridgestone, we make safety a business value. Creating a safe working place is everyone’s responsibility.”