Bridgestone Wins Studless Tire Design Patent Infringement Lawsuit in China


Tokyo (September 5, 2019) — Bridgestone Corporation today announced that it has received a favorable ruling from the Intermediate People's Court in Qingdao, China in its design patent infringement lawsuit against major Chinese tire manufacturers Shengtai Group and Shandong Shengshi Tailai Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. (“Shengtai”).

In March 2018, Bridgestone filed the lawsuit claiming that tire manufacturing and sales activities conducted by Shengtai used the patented passenger tire tread pattern *1 of the Bridgestone BLIZZAK VRX studless tire for passenger cars (pictured below), and that these activities were therefore in violation of the Company’s patent rights. In July 2019, Bridgestone received a favourable ruling and Shengtai was ordered to cease activities in violation of Bridgestone’s design patent, dispose of the dedicated molds, and pay Bridgestone compensation in the amount of 800,000 Chinese yuan (approximately 12.8 million Japanese yen *2).


Tread pattern of Bridgestone BLIZZAK VRX studless tire for passenger cars

In April 2019, Bridgestone won another lawsuit against Shengtai Group, claiming violations of the design patent for the tread pattern of Bridgestone’s ST3000 truck tires.

Bridgestone takes seriously any unauthorized use or infringement of its patents, trademarks or any other intellectual property. With this level of vigilance, Bridgestone is prioritizing the safety and reliability associated with its products and maintaining and enhancing its hard-earned brand value.


*1 Tread pattern refers to the design molded into the section of the tire that comes into direct contact with the road's surface

*2 Converted at a rate of 16 Japanese yen to 1 Chinese yuan

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