Bridgestone Issues New Global Human Rights Policy

The new policy addresses fundamental human rights issues in alignment with the company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, “Our Way to Serve”

TOKYO, Japan (May 25, 2018) ― Bridgestone Corporation today announced a new Global Human Rights Policy that defines human rights practices in five specific focus areas across the company: respect for diversity and inclusion, prohibition of discrimination and harassment, focus on workplace safety and health, commitment to responsible labor practices and protection of free speech and association.

The new policy builds upon and replaces Bridgestone’s existing “Stance on Human Rights,” which emphasized the company’s prohibitions of child and forced labor, harassment, and discrimination. The policy provides additional definition and guidance for several issues reflective of current and emerging societal expectations. The new policy is reflective of Bridgestone’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, “Our Way to Serve”, and the company’s mission which is “Serving Society with Superior Quality.”

The policy is a broad statement of the standards and behaviors that all Bridgestone employees around the globe can and should expect from their company, its managers and fellow employees. Business relationships with vendors and suppliers working with Bridgestone are further governed by the company’s Global Sustainable Procurement Policy, which was announced earlier this year and includes specific requirements and suggestions in the area of human rights that follow and expand upon the principles reflected in this new Global Human Rights Policy.

Bridgestone’s new Global Human Rights Policy was developed with the input and involvement of stakeholders from each of the company’s four major geographic regions to reflect the “non-negotiable” human rights principles that Bridgestone expects every business, location, leader, employee, vendor and supplier to uphold across the world.

Broader internal communication of Bridgestone’s new Global Human Rights Policy is planned for later this year in conjunction with other “Our Way to Serve” related plans.

To learn more about this policy and the company’s commitment to “Our Way to Serve,” visit

- Visit Bridgestone’s Group Global Human Rights web page for more detail and to access the policy
- Visit Bridgestone’s Global Sustainable Procurement web page for more detail and to access the policy

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