Bridgestone to publish 2017 Report on the “Corporate Governance Code”

Tokyo (May 31, 2017) - Bridgestone Corporation published 2017 Report on the “Corporate Governance Code” on the Company’s website.

Since publishing 2016 Report on the “Corporate Governance Code” in September 2016, Bridgestone has continued to enhance its governance structures and their performance.

As a result of this ongoing process, this year’s report has been updated to explain progress achieved in the area of CSR activities under General Principle 2-2 (“Code of Conduct”) and revisions made to the procedures used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Board of Directors under General Principle 4-11 (“Roles and Responsibilities of the Board”).

Bridgestone Corporation will continuously improve the establishment of governance structures to achieve the Company’s final goals of “becoming a truly global company” and “Dan-Totsu” in all aspects of its business.

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