Bridgestone Seismic Isolation Bearing Featured in Registered UNESCO Landmark The National Museum of Western Art recently added to UNESCO´s World Heritage List

Tokyo (July 27, 2016)-Bridgestone Corporation (Bridgestone) today announced that its seismic isolation bearing is featured in a landmark registered on UNESCO's (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage List. The product was installed in The National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo when the museum underwent its seismic retrofitting in 1998. The museum was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List during the 40th Session of UNESCO World Heritage Committee held in Istanbul, Turkey on July 17. The museum deploys nearly 50 Bridgestone High Damping Seismic Isolation Bearing units to protect the historic structure from earthquake damage. Bridgestone is committed to applying sophisticated macromolecular technologies to meet customer demands through a broad portfolio of products and services.

The overview of the installation project is as follows.

Building: The National Museum of Western Art (Established 1959) (
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Product type: High Damping Seismic Isolation Bearing (49 units installed)
Installation period: 1998
Construction: Seismic isolation retrofit

The base and intermediate floors of the existing building were fitted with seismic isolation bearings, retrofitting the building for seismic isolation in a way that would not damage the exterior, interior or facilities.

National Museum of Western Art

Seismic Isolation Bearing


About Bridgestone Corporation:
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