Bridgestone Working to Enhance Bus Rapid Transit with its Tirematics™ fleet solution in Rio de Janeiro

Tokyo, Japan (July 13, 2016) - Bridgestone Corporation, in partnership with Bridgestone do Brasil, announced today that it has commenced verification tests of a fleet solution using its proprietary IT system called Tirematics™ in cooperation with Rio de Janeiro's Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) operators.

Tirematics™ is an IT system that uses sensors to measure air pressure and temperature of tires for buses as well as commercial trucks. The system uses a cellular network to remotely monitor and transmit real-time information about the tires as well as vehicle location. The Tirematics™ fleet solution can provide added value to operators by helping to ensure efficient and on-time operations of a BRT, as well as enhance passenger safety and comfort.

With Bridgestone's Tirematics™ fleet solution, it is possible to interpret tire information while on the road and in real-time, with a high degree of accuracy. When abnormal air pressures or temperatures are detected, the system will inform the service manager and the driver via an alert. This will make it possible to prevent unexpected operation problems or major delays caused by tire failures.

By monitoring tire information remotely, it is not necessary to manually check tire pressures, which can make tire maintenance more efficient and effective. This should, in turn, allow for tires to be used for a longer time and in the best performing condition, reducing the number of tires to be replaced. In addition, the Tirematics™ fleet solution can contribute to the reduction of operating costs such as fuel and tire related expenses for fleet customers, and help fleet customers achieve a more efficient operation.

BRT is an abbreviation for bus rapid transit and refers to buses that operate without traffic jams in exclusive lanes. As a high-capacity transport system with a high level of punctuality, BRT is expected to support reductions in the environmental footprint by making mass transportation more available.

Bridgestone has focused on promoting technology and business model innovation as priorities in its 2015 Mid-Term Management Plan. Starting with these verification tests, Bridgestone is committed to continuously develop fleet solutions that will provide the customers with new value.



About Bridgestone Corporation:
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