Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Championing an energy-efficient and decarbonised future through solar-powered cars to reduce fossil fuel dependence.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) is the world’s premier solar car event where young engineers use only the power of the sun to design, engineer and build the most innovative, energy-efficient and durable solar-powered vehicles. It is held in the Australian outback and spans a punishing 3,000km route.

Bridgestone’s involvement in the BWSC underlines its commitment to harness solar energy to develop cleaner, future mobility solutions – and amplifies the broader message of the need to adopt alternative and renewable energy sources. It is also geared towards the achievement of low to zero emission vehicles and decarbonisation in the mobility industry.

As an outcome of the BWSC, our engineering partnership with BWSC participants Team Eindhoven and Netherlands-based Lightyear resulted in the first commercially-available, long-range solar electric car – the Lightyear One.

WIth the exponential growth of BEV, PHEV and hybrid car models lending impetus to alternatives to fossil fuels, the mobility scene is ripe for further commitment to cleaner power sources – and Bridgestone – together with our partners – is well-poised with new solutions to fuel dependency, to seize the energy-efficient route to further innovation.